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Welcome To NGrace.

    NGrace is a manufacturer for new innovation products established in Thailand we have 
a wide range of products such as color pigment, digital inks, anti-mosquito product & etc.
We constantly work on new innovations to enhance and improvise on our products so as to benefit our customers. We aim to be your reliable partner.

  • White rubber

    White color with rubber texture ready-mixed paint with latex paint mixed with white color for printing on dark-colored fabric, screening on shirt. The quality of the paint is soft, shiny on fabrics and good washing color fastness for COTTON, fabric TC, cloth, and sportswear as well.
  • Floating white

    Floating white color ready to use made available for printing on dark fabric and other general fabric. But it will not have a soft feel compared to white rubber paint.
  • Latex paint

    Latex paint shiny colors mixed with light-colored to on print fabric. Features to make it look glossy